Student Absences (academic Year – Sept. through June)

Please let me know as soon as possible if you need to miss or reschedule your lesson for any reason (sickness, sports, family events, traffic, work, school events, funerals.) Details are as follows:

First Three Student Absences (academic year Sept. – June)

In order to qualify for a make-up lesson, please notify me that you will be absent before your appointed lesson time. There will be an online sign-up for make-up lessons. Make-up lessons must be taken before summer session begins. There are no refunds. 

Absences Beyond the First Three Student Absences

Lessons missed after the first three student absences of the academic year will be forfeited with no make-up lesson.

No Call-No Show

If you miss a scheduled lesson without notifying me in advance of your appointed lesson time, the lesson will be forfeited with no make-up or lesson credit.

In my many years of teaching, most students miss fewer than three lessons per academic year. Consistent lesson attendance is crucial to student success. 


Days that I have designated as holidays are not counted in our season of 32 lessons. I will give students a calendar of designated lesson days and holidays. 

Teacher Absences

If I need to miss a lesson unexpectedly for weather, sickness, etc, a make-up day will be added to the end of our lesson season. In the even of snow or inclement weather, I will make a decision about lessons at least 3 hours in advance of scheduled lessons. Because we have lessons in the afternoon and evening, roads may clear up in time for lessons even on public school snow days. 

Tuition Rates

Your monthly tuition for regularly scheduled lessons will be a flat rate based on our season of 32 lessons and will depend on your type of lesson/class. Please see the tuition worksheet for your monthly payment amount. Itemized list of lesson charges is below. 

30-Minute Lessons (32 lessons per academic year)- $32/per week

45-Minute Lessons (32 lessons per academic year)- $43/week

Special Request Lessons(60-minutes, no commitment)- $70/lesson

Annual Recital Accompanist Fee (1 formal recital in the spring) $30 per student (required for all private students)

Payment is due at the first lesson of each month by check or cash. Please make your check out to AMANDA HOCKENBERGER. Please see the tuition worksheet to determine the amount due. See absence policy in this brochure. There are no refunds. 

Discontinuing Lessons (regularly scheduled)

One month's written notice is required in order to cancel lessons during the academic year. All make-up lessons owed at the time of the written notice will be forfeited. There are no refunds. (Example: If you would like your last lesson to be the last week of March; please include notice with the tuition check the first week of March.)


Regularly scheduled lessons are a commitment for the academic year. Lesson time will remain the same from September through June. If you require a schedule change in the middle of the academic year, I will try to accommodate your request but I cannot promise that I will have another space available. Please make an effort to schedule other activities around your lesson time.  

Students that are unable to make a commitment for the academic year are welcome to take lessons on an as needed basis. This is considered a “Special Request” lesson outside of my regular teaching schedule. “Special Request” lessons are scheduled individually. 

Summer lessons (July and August) follow a slightly different schedule and absence policy.  

Instruments and Supplies

There are many places to find violins and violin supplies. If you are ready to buy or rent a new violin, please let me know and we will talk about what you should be looking for. It is important to rent or purchase an instrument from a reputable dealer.  

Reputable websites for supplies, books, violin purchase/rental:

·        Shar Music -

·        Southwest Strings -

·        Johnson Strings -

· – only for sheet music and accessories, not for instruments

For local violin rental/purchase/repair:


·        John Exley – (856) 304-7230, Cherry Hill, NJ

·        Music and Arts – (856) 985-5557, Marlton, NJ


·        Paul Stevens-, Ardmore, PA

·        J.R. Judd –, Williamsport, PA


·        Wamsley -, Haddonfield, NJ

·        Michie –,Philadelphia, PA


I expect students to practice at least five times a week. Length of practice depends on student age and level. 

Do not expect that your child will automatically have the motivation to practice. Your child may resist practicing even if he or she truly enjoys the violin. The mental exercise of practice is not always as attractive as playing with friends, the latest video game or television show. Developing the motivation to practice will take time, discipline, and parental support. 

After a few years as a violin student, the desire to do well, the desire to participate in musical ensembles, and the satisfaction of learning new pieces and techniques will inspire students to practice. Over the years, there will be seasons of quick progress and heightened interest as well as the occasional slump. You can be confident that the end result will be a young adult that feels proud of their musical accomplishments and has skills that they can use their entire life. Here are ways that you can support your child in practice:

·        Show your child that practicing is a priority by planning a daily practice time and sticking to it (without interruptions.)

·        Show enthusiasm for the violin, practicing, and listening to music. 

·       Give praise often!

·        Be present for practice time whenever possible. This is an awesome opportunity for quality time with your child. 

·        Incorporate a game or practice chart to make practicing more appealing. Contact me for more information about practicing games if you are in a practicing slump with your little violinist.  

 Other Important Studio Policies

·        I offer one free consultation lesson per family.

·        Lessons are held at my private home. Please be respectful of your surroundings. 

·        Please do not bring any food/drinks with you to lesson.

·        If you need to use the bathroom, you may use the downstairs powder room in the hallway off the foyer. Otherwise, please stay in the violin lesson room. 

·        Please come to lessons with short, clean fingernails and clean hands.

·        Please arrive around 5 minutes before your assigned lesson time. If another student is still finishing lesson, please wait in the family room to the left of the front door and get your violin ready to play.  

·        Siblings waiting for their sister or brother’s lesson should be able to sit quietly. I recommend that siblings bring a book or quiet activity for while they wait. 

·        Please arrive at lesson with all required materials (instrument, books, rosin, etc.)

·        If I ask you to purchase a new book or supply, please do so in a timely manner (within the month.)

·        Parents are responsible for holding their children accountable to these studio policies. Please make sure your child arrives on time with all required materials. I will still continue to run lessons on schedule even if you are late for lesson. Tardiness results in a shorter violin lesson.