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Instruments and Supplies

There are many places to find violins and violin supplies.  If you are ready to buy or rent a new violin, please let me know and we will talk about what you should be looking for at your specific level and size.  It is important to rent or purchase an instrument from a reputable dealer.  It is also important to purchase the correct size.  Having a violin that is too large or too small is not like having ill-fitting clothing that you can grow into.  It's impossible to maintain proper position on an incorrectly sized violin.

Local Violin Rental/Purchase/Repair:


  • John Exley , Marvelous Violins, Cherry Hill, (856) 304-7230 
  • Music and Arts, Marlton, NJ, (856) 985-5557


Reputable websites for supplies, books, violin purchase/rental

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